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New Board appointments

As my transition into a new way of working evolves, I am delighted to announce two exciting new Board appointments. Both organisations are positively looking to support and encourage a thriving future, and I am delighted to be part of both of them.


After 8 years as Ambassador, I am really excited to join 1 Million Women as Chair of the Board. Along with new Board members Nicki Hutley and Dr. Margot McNeill, we are looking forward to helping Natalie Isaacs and the amazing 1 Million Women team to realise the exciting initiatives that are emerging as we approach our 10 year anniversary. 


1 Million Women is now a movement of around 800 000 women and girls, and growing every day. In 2017 our blog was viewed 4.5 million times, and our weekly social media reach is around 10 million. 


In the lead up to our 10 year anniversary, we are launching our new App and Roadshow this year. With 1 Million Women now the largest women’s climate change movement in Australia, we aim to bring about profound lifestyle change for the many years to come!


I am also thrilled to be joining the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) as a Board member. Well known for their leading magazines Renew and Sanctuary, and initiatives such as Sustainable House Day and Speed Date a Sustainable Expert. 


We aim to build on our position as a leader in all aspects of sustainable living in Australia over the next 3 years to create a world in which communities thrive in a way that does not cost the earth. We look to inspire, enable and advocate for people to live sustainably in their homes and communities.


Both organisations are looking for people to support us in these great initiatives. If you are interested in helping us co-create an abundant living future, please do not hesitate to contact me.